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ConnextionPoint's mission is to help organizations innovate with adaptive leadership development for high potential leaders and teams.  Adaptive leaders understand how to lead from their center not their circumstances.  

Coaching at ConnextionPoint uniquely focuses on...

  • Undestanding how to operate as centered and self-aware leader
  • Up the game of leading the talent vs the work
  • Enacting the power of leading candid dialogue and building rich work relationships by harnessing emotional intelligence skills
  • Learning feedback mastery as a leadership and engagement asset
  • Providing leaders with Engagment Code content and tools to innovate their leadership and engagement practices for high organizational impact 

The complexity of today's pace of change means companies must evolve their business model.  More than ever, companies require strategic agility and this directly impacts the level of adaptive leadership capability.  

Adaptive leaders understand exactly how to create a healthy engagement climate by the way they lead.  Adaptive leaders understand that that evolving the business model requires you evolve the talent...

At ConnextionPoint we coach, consult, teach, and offer specific tools under the umbrella of the Engagement Code®. We help companies grow leaders that understand how to create a healthy engagement climate through impactful dialogue and leadership practice.

We give you a perspective on leadership that is tied to engagement and business performance.
We give you a language that opens the door for safety for candor.

We give you a model to center behaviors around the tenets of healthy growth.