About ConnextionPoint

ConnextionPoint Services LLC is an executive development and leadership training company dedicated to helping business develop leaders that drive healthy and profitable company growth.

Our specialized focus is engagement. We coach, train, and inspire leaders to deliver their high return behaviors in a way that creates a rich engagement climate. The health of the engagement climate immediately impacts performance, transparency, and growth.
Our clients include top Fortune companies with annual revenues of a billion or more working directly with sales leadership, corporate operational leadership, and high potential program leaders where we have provided valuable leadership content, feedback services, developmental process design, meeting facilitation, and executive coaching.

Over a decade of case study research was vetted and applied into the ConnextionPoint™ materials used for executive coaching and team training. 

Amy Balog

Amy is an organizational and leadership consultant, coach, speaker, and writer. Before launching ConnextionPoint, Amy spent seventeen years working in the IT and the management consulting industry selling complex project services and providing delivery oversight.

Amy worked with CEOs to front line managers in Fortune 500 corporations. From this work, Amy authored in depth case studies outlining the behind the scenes leadership and engagement challenges that blocked or empowered change.

From this ten year analysis, Amy designed two comprehensive platforms specific to leadership and creating a culture of engagement.

Amy’s worked with executives and their teams representing over $500 million in revenues helping these teams clear a pathway for higher return leadership behaviors that directly impact business performance.